Google Material Design Leverages Ravn's Expertise for Relay, their Design to Code Tool

case study design dev Apr 05, 2023

Google Material Design reached out to Ravn for our expertise around design to code handoff tools, processes and experience. They also asked us to pilot their new Android design to code product, Relay.

We have been working with Google for some time now and we are excited as they have finally launched Relay (alpha) for Figma and Android. We've been skeptical of design to code tools in the past as most are gimmicky at best but Relay is different. Relay is really showing promise as a tool that could fundamentally improve developer experience, starting with Android.

ravn and google material design
Material Design writes about partnering with Ravn for Relay, their new Design to Code handoff tool for Figma and Android.

We're happy to see they appreciate our opinion and expertise on the matter, but don't take my word for it - they wrote a case study about working with Ravn:

How Ravn solves design-developer handoff with Relay

Micah Lisonbee

Co-Founder @ Ravn :: Developer & Designer